I’ve been busy!

I applied to IMT and GP. Got accepted to both, did 2 weeks of GP training and quit.

I applied to Obs&Gynae after asking my old boss if I could do an F3 O&G job and got one of the 7 coveted Wessex posts. I won a Junior Doctor of the Year 2020 prize at University Hospital Southampton and cried when I left.

I have started working as an O&G ST1 in Dorchester.

I still have my husband, my cat, my interest in Widening Access and MedEd.


I guess I am a little out of the loop now, having applied way back in 2009 for BM6, but I am happy to try my best to help where I can within the limits of my new role as an interviewer.

This blog will shift a little to focus on speciality applications and training but I am always happy to help people who want to get into medicine. It’s why I started writing this in the first place.

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