The Application: Great News!

So I got the terrifying email saying my UCAS track status has been updated… and I did it! I have been updated to Conditional Offer! So excited now! The offer was 3 C’s in Law, Bio and Chem which I already have! Phoned college and cancelled June resits for Law and am preparing my certificates to send proof I meet the offer.

It seems that there have only been around 10 or so offers so far which is odd but I guess the rest will come out soon!

Have checked track a million times in case I was wrong, but it seems, pending proof and health tests, I am accepted onto BM6!

3 thoughts on “The Application: Great News!

  1. Congrats ^^, i’m currently applying for the same course for 2011 entry, sent off my eligibility criteria a while ago – now just have to wait it out and stay hopeful XD

    1. Thank you, I hope you’ve found this helpful in some way.

      Good luck and I wish you all the best! I heard about my interview in January so hopefully not too much longer for you to wait but do keep me updated on how you get on and if I can be any help!

      Beth x

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