The Application: Choosing a medical school…

Looking into medical schools is complicated! Do you go by entry grades? Then highest or lowest? PBL, SBL? Prosection or dissection? Intergrated? Intercalated?? It’s a bit of a head mush. So far I’ve discovered the following: PBL – ProblemĀ based learning – Focuses on independent study, and looks atĀ  medical scenarios and all the medicine aroundContinue reading “The Application: Choosing a medical school…”

Applying to Medical School

So, I’ve made the enormous decision to go back to college and to aim for the stars – medical school. Taking Law, psychology, human biology and chemistry I am feeling very nervous as I have been out of school for nearly 2 years now. But all I can do is try and see how itContinue reading “Applying to Medical School”