The Application: Choosing a medical school…

Looking into medical schools is complicated! Do you go by entry grades? Then highest or lowest? PBL, SBL? Prosection or dissection? Intergrated? Intercalated?? It’s a bit of a head mush. So far I’ve discovered the following:

PBLProblem based learning – Focuses on independent study, and looks at  medical scenarios and all the medicine around it.

SBLSystems based learning – Focuses on body systems – cardiac system, digestion system etc.


Dissection – Actual exploration of a cadaver
Prosection – Anatomical parts provided without full dissection


Integrated – There is experience in hospitals and with patients from the start of the course unlike some courses where it is purely lectures until your final years

Intercalated – After year 3 you can take a year out to do the final year of another (science related) degree to get an additional degree.

So, my choices in order are:

Brighton & Sussex Medical School – Integrated, dissection, SBL, Intercalculated

Southampton – Integrated, prosection, SBL, Intercalated

St. George’s  – Integrated, dissection, SBL, Intercalculated

Penninsula – Integrated, prosection, PBL, Intercalculated

(Integration is very important to me and I like the idea of dissection. I want to be able to have the chance to intercalate, and I would prefer SBL but TBL works too!)

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