Work Experience for my Medical School Application

Along with my volunteering, I have finally got into the swing of my new job and feel like I am actually able to do it! I’m working in A&E at Worthing Hospital, only on reception, but it’s pretty awesome. I get to talk to patients and take histories which is fun, especially when patients divulge a little more than necessary (e.g. Injured gentleman standing with woman:

Me:   “Who is your next of kin”
Him: “Er I suppose my wife”
Me: “And what is your name?” *looks at woman*
Him: “Oh no she isn’t my wife… you’re not going to tell my wife are you?”)

But anyway! A&E is a great place to get a feel for front line healthcare. It’s great to begin to recognise the symptoms of a break as opposed to a sprain, and a heart attack as opposed to indigestion!

I have got to know the doctors and nurses a lot here and gained a great insight to the mechanics of the team in A&E as well which I am hoping will be helpful in some sort of interview or my personal statement (which I should start thinking about I suppose!)

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