Volunteering for my Medical School Application

My college is offering volunteer work at Worthing Hospital which I have taken up for the past few weeks! It’s 3 hours a week and I am working on pre-op colorectal ward which is interesting! If I am honest, it smells awful and is very warm but the work is good. I hate talking to the patients and, although I will have to get over in order to be a doctor, at the moment I have nothing to talk to them about. Either way I am helping out and getting to know life on a ward.

The doctors play a very interesting role and don’t seem to be around much. It’s the nursing staff who seem to be doing the caring as such, and the doctors are just there giving direction. I do wonder if this is just the nature of the ward however, as most patients are intended for surgery.

I have a few friends who volunteer with me whom I recognise from college so it has been great to get to know them and see what direction we’re all thinking of going in though it seems they have both been put off of hospitals through the volunteering which is interesting.

Student Volunteer Tips:

Just talk to people. Ask what the nurses are doing. Ask how the patients are feeling today (although they do tend to get a little confused when you say you are not a doctor).

Help out doing things that wouldn’t be done. Straighten out the leaflets, ask patients if they want anything from the shop.

Answer phones. This gets you involved in the loop and you find you start to be more useful when you can go pick up TTO’s (drugs) without being asked to do it.

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