The Application: BrightMed

Just finished the BrightMed Course at BSMS which was amazing. I really loved it there. Got to do a dissection which was amazing (put me off lamb though) and also went through my personal statement so far, which I feel is starting to look quite good!

We learned some basic anatomy and also blood pressure, heart exams and reflex tests which will be useful I am sure! I totally lost my voice through-out the entire thing so I am hoping that this will help me stand out when they read my application – Oh you remember her lost her voice…. amazing girl.. unconditional offer… etc 😀 We’ll see.


Go on as many of these courses as you can. This was free, but if you can saved up and go on more, then do. But be careful, some are useless. BrightMed = amazing, check forums and see what other people think of the course you want to do.

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