The Application: UKCAT Tips

So I have done the UKCAT twice now, and the second time was much better than the first. I have come up with a few basic tips and rules that I followed which could be helpful to someone else doing it!


1) Use time wisely – If you find you’re not getting anywhere, skip and come back to it. Make sure you divide your time equally among the questions and don’t overrun unless you have time at the end.

2) If you cannot come up with an answer, guess – there is no negative marking, so a wrong answer is better than none.

3)  When practising for the absract, read the answer and apply it to the question. Then you’ll have a foundation of rules and themes to build on when you do thetest for real. This really helped me.

4) In the ones with masses of text, don’t bother reading the whole text. Skim it, and get a feel for it (informational or prose, topic etc) and then look for the answer to the question. Don’t waste time reading it in depth.

5) When you get time between each set of questions, take it. Have a pause for a moment and get into the mind set ready for the next set of questions, and forget those stubborn ones you couldn’t find the answer to in the last round.

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