The Application: Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement is harder than it seems! What do you include and what do you leave out? I have talked a LOT about my work experience and tried to include what I learned from the experiences but that doesn’t leave much room for much else! It’s the bit I am most proud ofContinue reading “The Application: Personal Statement”

The Application: Choosing a medical school…

Looking into medical schools is complicated! Do you go by entry grades? Then highest or lowest? PBL, SBL? Prosection or dissection? Intergrated? Intercalated?? It’s a bit of a head mush. So far I’ve discovered the following: PBL – Problem¬†based learning – Focuses on independent study, and looks at¬† medical scenarios and all the medicine aroundContinue reading “The Application: Choosing a medical school…”

Work Experience for my Medical School Application

Along with my volunteering, I have finally got into the swing of my new job and feel like I am actually able to do it! I’m working in A&E at Worthing Hospital, only on reception, but it’s pretty awesome. I get to talk to patients and take histories which is fun, especially when patients divulgeContinue reading “Work Experience for my Medical School Application”

Volunteering for my Medical School Application

My college is offering volunteer work at Worthing Hospital which I have taken up for the past few weeks! It’s 3 hours a week and I am working on pre-op colorectal ward which is interesting! If I am honest, it smells awful and is very warm but the work is good. I hate talking toContinue reading “Volunteering for my Medical School Application”

Applying to Medical School

So, I’ve made the enormous decision to go back to college and to aim for the stars – medical school. Taking Law, psychology, human biology and chemistry I am feeling very nervous as I have been out of school for nearly 2 years now. But all I can do is try and see how itContinue reading “Applying to Medical School”